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About Us

Sahem Trading & Investments Company is a privately-owned Palestinian financial institution established by a group of experienced investment managers to develop regional financial markets and is currently managed by Mr. Samir Zraiq as its General Manager. Sahem is headquartered in Ramallah. We employ more than 25 brokerage professionals.

Sahem was founded in the late 1990's shortly after the opening of the Palestine Exchange (PEX) in Nablus . Investors at home and abroad quickly embraced the opportunity to participate in the growth of the Palestinian economy, and Sahem's client base expanded rapidly.

Our goal is to provide integrated, comprehensive investment and trading services and personalized attention to every one of our clients. Currently, Sahem offers trading services on both the PEX and on selected regional stock exchanges We are constantly upgrading and expanding our roster of customer services. In 2004, Sahem launched its SMS Investor program, which delivers PEX daily closing quotes to customer's mobile telephones around the world. Sahem customers can sign up for this service online.

In an investment environment that is constantly changing, the challenge is to find a skilled partner who can help you achieve your financial goals while preserving your assets. Sahem strives to serve as the brokerage of choice for customers seeking innovative solutions and personalized attention.


  • Massar International
  • Samir Zraiq
  • Manal Zraiq

    Board of Directors
  • Bashar Masri - Chairman
  • Samir Zraiq

    Executive Management

  • General Manager: Samir Zraiq
  • Financial Manager, GM Deputy : Firas Salameh
  • Compliance Manager : Ehab Khaldi

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