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Portfolio Management Service


Portfolio Management Service

Sahem Trading & Investments Company offers portfolio management services to clients that are designed specifically to meet the requirements of each customer. The service is characterized with total flexibility in a broad and diverse range of investment opportunities in a number of capital markets.

Portfolio management department continuously works with clients in order to determine their own investment needs and risk levels that are suitable to each client’s circumstances. Based on that, investment solutions are designed for each client separately.

The success of the investment management depends on the expertise of the operations team that has a wide professional experience and high qualifications in this area. Investment portfolios are managed by specialized and licensed crew along with a team of financial analysts.

Investment Objective

To generate medium to long-term capital growth by identifying undervalued stocks and those with growth opportunities from a select list of well researched stocks.

Advantages and characteristics of the portfolio management service

  • Extensive knowledge of the investment manager of local and regional financial markets requirements.
  • Follow-up of investment returns for clients according to the adopted criteria for risk reduction to minimize the exposure to the unanticipated changes in the investment portfolio.
  • Investment portfolios are managed by qualified and licensed crew by the Palestinian Capital Market Authority.
  • Smart and safe management of the investment portfolio which aims to improve returns while minimizing risk ratio.
  • Designing a special strategy for each client that is governed by the customer investment orientation and objectives.
  • Research Center designed for stocks analysis.
  • Diversity in the distribution of stocks based on market trends and risk degrees.
  • Periodic reports with high transparency.
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