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The Market publishes the first issue of the Palestinian Capital Market magazine


The Market publishes the first issue of the Palestinian Capital Market magazine

The first issue of the Capital Markets magazine was issued today .It is a monthly economic magazine specializing sector related issues and focuses on the stock market. The first issue contained two files, one concerning the capital markets key in terms of the Palestinian legal framework governing the work and its role in supervising the capital market in particular and an assessment of the performance of different points of view. The file interviews officials in the Palestinian Capital Market Authority, the bodies and stock exchanges in Arab countries, academics, economists and officials of companies listed in the Stock Exchange and brokerage companies. The second issue dealt with the parallel market and the idea of setting up a joint stock company in order to attract companies experiencing problems as a preliminary step for inclusion in the formal market. Also a number of interviews on the subject relevant to parties and members in Sister Arab countries. Palestinian Capital Market magazine




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