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PSE ends the week's transactions at the forefront of Arab stock exchanges

Last week had been characterized with a severe decline in oil and merchandises" prices which had witnessed a huge growth during the previous weeks in different global markets that had been parallel with repercussions among different economic aspects. Also last week vouched an increase in Dollar exchange rates and weakness in global economic growth rates – according to what had been published from related international institutions- the thing that put a big possibility in front of a turning point that could have a substantial effect on capital markets and economy. In general, if these issues continue during the coming weeks; it is expected to witness a termination of the fear wave that touched several economic sectors, the thing that will reflect positively on inflation rates especially the imported inflation which in its turn will help returning stability to the local prices. Palestine Stock Exchange was the fastest beneficiary from these atmospheres comparing with the rest of the Arab markets, where it had registered in the last trading session of the week a performance that is the best in terms of change value versus the previous session, where the last session registered an increase that exceeded %2 versus the previous one, to exceed by that the change in the general index by %26 versus the closing of 2007, the thing that make it the first in terms of  general index value comparing to the regional markets that are witnessing instable performance. This performance is nominated to better performance in case of investing the current variables even if slowly in the economic aspect, in addition to attract new investors and huge transactions in the market, and this requires follow-ups and accurate investment research of investment opportunities that seek promising markets, authentication of those desires and opportunities within a framework of partnership in investment and not drag foot towards fast profit.


Al-Quds Index in the red zone amid a liquidity scarcity

The PEX records average PE of 12.26x and average P/BV of 1.20x in H1 2019

PALAQAR reports net income of JD0.008 million in H1 2019

AIG posts net income of $0.64 million in H1 2019



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