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Al Samhouri: Palestine Securities Exchange of the highest markets in term of return among the Arab world since December 2008 until now


"Global" opened the door for other investors to enter the market.

Talal Samhouri the asset management director for the Middle East and North Africa of the Global Investment House – that is based in the State of Kuwait assured that the PSE is from the top markets in terms of return, both from the beginning of the year or the month of December 2008 so far in the Arab world. Al Samhouri said in an interview for the program "Eye on the Stock Exchange" that broadcasted by Al Najah radio in Nablus, that the market has proved its success and its ability to adapt with the global financial crisis and its implications.
Al Samhouri attributed this advantage to the absence of listed companies in the PSE that spread their investments in the areas of high risk in foreign markets. The majority as he said are "real companies and specialized in operating in Palestine and this protected them from the results of this global financial crisis".
Regarding Palestine Investment Fund that is established in the year 2006 to invest in the PSE, Al Samhouri said that the establishment of this fund was the first experiment of its kind and still, and despite the difficult beginning in terms of marketing regarding the culture view of the investors in the Arab world and beyond. However, Global has contributed significantly to promote it in the Arab world or outside the as Europe and America and identifying the benefits of the market and the market benefits and inform them of the activities of listed companies in the financial market of Palestine.
Al Samhouri said that the fund has proved its success over the past years in terms of performance, diversification, disclosures, clarity, and open the doors to other investors. He pointed out that many companies, particularly the Gulf, entered the market due to the entry of Global Investment House through the Palestine Investment Fund to the Palestinian market, and encouraged many real estate companies to enter the market in general, and this is a real promotion of the market and it is expected to rise in the interest and knowledge in the Palestinian market with the passage of time, marketing effort as well.


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