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Awaida: The PSE achieves huge accomplishments by developing its information systems within a standard period


Within its pursue to develop a safe electronic environment and to enforce the technological ability of the market in order to convoy to the accelerated developments in the electronically economic world, the PSE worked during the past several months to redesign its local and divergent networks and develop its main systems, and redesigning and modernizing the security programs to attain a unique model in the aspect of information technology and telecommunications on the level of companies and institutions in Palestine and the Arab World. In his conversation about these accomplishments, the CEO Ahmad Awaida assured that the Palestinian Stock Market had modernized the trading and CDS systems by applying the newest version of OMX Company for trading systems (HORIZON) and clearing and depository systems (EQUATOR). And in order to convoy with the latest versions, it had been implemented the most modern operating systems from IBM, which had added substantial improvements that had its effects in easiness and accelerating and simplification of operations procedures on the systems of trading and CDS.    



Medium liquidity prior to holding the GA meetings of the heaviest two weighted companies in the index

RSR recommends 7% cash dividends for the year 2016

ELECTRODE approves 12% cash dividends for the year 2016

Active transactions on the blue-chips amid continued approval of dividends’ distribution

Converting BRAVO into a private shareholding company and delisting its shares from the PEX

PICO approves distributing 40% cash dividends for the year 2016.

NCI recommends 6% cash dividends for the year 2016

Successive anticipations coinciding with proposing dividends’ distribution

TNB recommends 5% cash dividends for the year 2016

TRUST proposes 15% cash dividends for the year 2016

BOP proposes 2.56% stocks dividends and 10.44% cash dividends for the year 2016

A balanced performance amid continuing the dividends proposals

International Woman Day Holiday

APIC proposes 6.06% stocks dividends and 6.00% cash dividends for the year 2016

Exchange of roles within the activity list and a momentum in the dividends distribution proposals



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