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Ammar Aker in the new CEO of the Palestinian Telecommunication Group


Ramallah – The Board of Directors of Palestinian Telecommunication Group met yesterday with the leadership of Sabieh Al Masri, the board reviewed the preliminary financial statements for the fiscal year 2009, and decided to appoint Ammar Aker as the CEO of PALTEL, which will be valid in the morning on Monday, the first of February 2010. This decision came as ten years of work by Ammar Aker in Jawwal, and moved through several executive positions, where he served as Financial Controller and head of the Finance Department, to serve then as the CEO of Jawwal, and led the company to become a successful economic model and work within the highest global levels. Al Masri said that "the board considers the appointment of Ammar Aker as a chance to transfer the experience of Jawwal and distribute to the rest of the Palestinian Telecommunication Group Companies, as a complement to the success journey by the group companies in the development of the Palestinian telecommunications sector to keep pace with the latest in the world of communications developments, which will cast to advance the Palestinian economy and its development for the better, and thus achieve the desired goal which is to work in a free Palestinian market that is able to offer communication service with its all forms within the essential quality without restrictions or limits. "



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